Two Sides of Every Story

Hello Readers,

This is a different sort of post from me. As I have mentioned before, June knows about this blog and keeps up with it.  Though recently she has been thinking about writing a companion blog so that you can hear her side of the story.  Well that time has come.  Some things may be different because my memory isn’t the greatest in the world so if little things are different don’t fret. This will be as much of an experience for me as you and I am looking forward for her posts.  So far she has been commenting the related posts on each of mine.  But if you are interested in the other side of our love story then please check out “Singing in June” at the link below.

For those of you expecting a more content based post, don’t worry.  It’s in the works and I should have a post up later tonight (PST ) or early tomorrow.

Thank you for reading,



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